Book Review of Susana Patricia Ruiz Espinosa. La obra literaria abierta: del soporte digital al impreso

Maximiliano Jiménez


It is not uncommon to find discussions regarding the current status of print materials and the impending end of the book as a literary support overshadowed by the increasing rise of digital literacy. Nevertheless, what about all those novels that are decidedly experimenting not only with their themes and narrative techniques but also with their visual presentations and tangible supports? To what extent are those precise digital developments pushing writers and readers to come up with new ways of reading and writing—be it as a rejection of the end of the book or merely as a creative exploration of the limits of story telling? These are some of the questions that guide Ruiz Espinosa's revision of contemporary narrative and which establish her book as a helpful starting point that contributes to the pertinent discussions developing around the notions that, in general, literary academia seems to have been taking for granted for a while.

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